Got great test scores? Looking for a great part-time job?

The eTutorIn is now hiring teachers and tutors for all subjects, all across the country. So if you’re motivated, energetic and interested in making a positive impact on the lives of students, we have the perfect job for you.

  • Flexible commitments

    Most of our classes and tutorials take place on nights and weekends. This means you can still hold on to your full-time job, school commitments or other opportunities. In fact, many of our teachers and tutors work or study full time. Simply give us your availability when you start, and we’ll work with you.

  • Work-from-home opportunities

    Skip the commute! Tutoring students online, or teaching online classes allows you to teach from any quiet place with a stable, high-speed internet connection.

  • Excellent training

    Our training ensures you will teach and tutor with confidence. Our industry-leading technology and materials guarantee you and your students the most effective and up-to-date prep available

  • Endless opportunities

    There’s plenty of room to grow within the company by cross-training in multiple subjects, proctoring, tutoring and teaching in person and online.

  • Make a difference

    We are not just test prep. Our teachers and tutors are sometimes the difference between students getting into their dream colleges or their safety schools, and that means a lot. By working with us you will enrich the lives of thousands of students.

  • Contact Us

    We encourage all applicants to start by submitting an application, though if you have questions about teaching for us, please email us at or call (800) 608-6620